Thursday, October 1, 2009

A few of the Time Bandits Boards

I painted these in Flash and Photoshop, right now it's still in it's Flash-O-Matic phase.

The idea was that the Bandits had made there way into France during WWII. They have a scheme to rob the museums before the German Army gets there hands on the goods.

More Time Bandits

These were my character designs that I based my Flash Libraries off of.

Time Bandits in Flash

This was my Storyboarding Project last spring, or at least I think it was last spring. I have always wanted to see a 2D version of Terry Gilliams Time Bandits. Here were some of the sketches and boards.

Welcome to Toaster Dog Animation!

Hello my name is Danny Rico! This is my senior year at the Art Institute of Portland as a student of the Media Arts and Animation Program. My primary focus is PreVisual Development and Flash Animation. In the past year I began working in the animation field. I spent last summer (2008) working for Flying Rhino making Flash Character Libraries, and currently work for Scarred Artifacts (check out My other mildly-mannered job is at Portland Oregon's very own Saint Cupcake.